Vision boarding has been around for forever! I’m pretty sure caveman drawings included their version of them (probably dreaming of a round wheel that could transport heavy things more easily). All joking aside, vision boards have long been used to help guide individuals, leaders, teams or organisations. They tick the box for offering something of the bigger picture, larger life goals, aspirational intentions of a future world (or a year ahead) which is better or somehow more enhanced than the one that’s currently playing out. And because they’re usually more visual, they speak to an altogether different part of us…

All the reasons why rest may be your best friend

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Rest dear soul, be not afraid, productive, resourceful or busy

Rest dear soul, where the quiet can find you

Rest dear soul, let the world hold you and your sweet body into healing

Rest dear soul, be not afraid of doing nothing, being nothing, going nowhere, being no one

Rest dear soul, let your whispers be heard in the quiet

Rest dear soul, now is the time to receive, to drop, to surrender,

to be held by another life force

Rest dear soul, put your tools and your thinking brain…

Nobody wants to be here

Everyone is pissed off, running out of energy and steam. With no idea of the finish line in sight. We’re all left asking how long will this go on and when will we be able to return to normal? Will we ever return to normal? It’s hard to manage our energy when we don’t know the finish line. We are human after all and cannot run on empty forever.

When you’re faced with such relentless difficulty it can send us into a trauma response (and don’t under estimate the power of low level stress over…

Just one of the many inviting walkways leading to a beautiful beach

Despite this year (2020 the year of covid) being a shit storm in so many ways, there has been some upsides. One of them for me is seeing more people start to appreciate the value of a good staycation.

Don’t get me wrong I love travelling, I love the excitement of airports, flying (I even like plane food which I know makes me weird). For the last few years though I’ve really wanted to holiday more in the UK. For a pretty small country there is literally so much beauty. …

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  1. Ignore what everyone else is doing

If you create your good life based on what others are doing with their lives, you’ll never be happy because you’re essentially chasing someone else’s dream.

Let it go.

Don’t follow someone else’s dream, it doesn’t belong to you.

2. Let go of what others think of you

If you’re too hung up on what other people think of you, people pleasing or trying to fit in, you’ll end up creating a life that exhausts you and makes you deeply unsatisfied. …

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“tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations.”

The only time I can categorically say I would be relieved to have an alpha around, would be in an emergency situation where I didn’t feel capable of figuring that shit out myself or with the people around me… so pretty much never then.

I’m noticing a real shift in my work as a leadership coach less alpha, more beta.

Men and women are tired, fed up, fu*ked off and frustrated with being dominated. Being told, ordered or bossed about. …

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My Dad left employment at the age of 45, taking early retirement through ill health. His body was physically not able to do the work he’d previously done.

It was a lucky opportunity to escape work that wasn’t feeding his soul, if you ask me. There was nothing wrong with his management skills nor his brain. I remember thinking at the time, ‘What the hell is he going to do all day?’ and wondered if he’d find employment elsewhere. He never did.

He’s 70 now, still has a full head of hair, which is 75% his original brunette, is fitter…

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At a basic level, we want our people to perform the job they’re being paid to do.

At an organisational level (if they’re lucky) we also hope they’ll find our workplace a space where they can be their best, feel well cared for, motivated and supported. A place where they can grow (should they wish).

At a humanistic level, we hope our people will be able to talk to us about what’s in their heart, or what’s troubling their souls.

In my experience most people manage others at the first, basic level, against a job description and a list of…

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Prior to 2007, I’d have told you that my wellbeing was directly correlated to the amount and quality of exercise I was getting and my diet. That simple. After 2007 I learnt (the hard way) that my wellbeing was way more than that. It included my mental and emotional wellbeing, and both sleep and rest were just as important as exercise and diet. Feeling aligned to my values and purpose in life and work also had an impact on my overall sense of wellbeing.

In 2007 I experienced burnout. I was expecting too much from myself. My tank was metaphorically…

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Well these are indeed interesting times we find ourselves living through.

It’s fair to say that in our time of peace we’ve never experienced a global pandemic that’s required such a response on a global level. We are indeed finding our way through unchartered waters. As a result there’s a lot of mental and emotional swamps to manage our way through.

Dealing with uncertainty

I have found myself in very varying perspectives which have ebbed and flowed at break neck speed; from the ambivalence of the early news, the curiosity of how it all links to climate crisis, the fear regarding work and…

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